Solar Panel Installation - Tips for Increasing Your Home's Efficiency

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Solar Panel Installation guide is about the easiest way to install Solar PV Panels on your Home or Business premise. It is a step by step process. With proper training, you can easily learn the method of installing solar panels on your own. This solar power guide will explain in detail all the requirements, tools, components, cost effectiveness and other details regarding the installation process of the solar PV systems. In this solar panel installation guide will explain Step by Step Procedure on how to install solar PV system with solar PV training video and other government schemes.

The main procedure for solar panel installation is mounting the array on to the roof or on to the side of the house. There are two types of mounts that are commonly used. Flush Mounts and Flat Mount. Flush Mounts are more common in residential set up whereas Flat Mounts is commonly used in Commercial set up such as offices and commercial buildings.

When you are installing the panels, there are certain steps that should be followed. Firstly, the mounting brackets should be installed on to the roof or on to the wall. You need to make sure that they are fixed firmly so that you can get good returns from the solar panels. The next step is to decide which place you want to install the panels. It depends entirely upon your choice where you want to install them, but you should make sure that it is the best place possible.

After the mounting, you have to set up the wiring for the panels. The location you have chosen for the installation should have the direct path to the battery bank. After this, the installation of the battery should take place. This is done so that you don't have to carry the wires over long distances. The solar panel installation by the professionals ensures hassle free installation for the customer. Check out this link to get more information!

Once the battery is connected, you can now connect the solar pv modules. It is advisable to connect the first one after the completion of the previous one. This will ensure that the voltage generated by the panels is consistent during the time of operation. The connection of the PV modules into the grid system is done by the energy companies or the power supply engineers. They check the condition of the solar panels and supply energy to the customers through the mains energy supply.

There are many factors which influence the efficiency of the solar energy panels. These include the amount of sunlight received and the type of the surface on which it operates. For optimum results in terms of the efficiency and the reliability, it is better to install the panels in the morning hours. The exposure to sunlight increases at this time of the day. You have to get the sunlight for around eight hours before you set up the installation of the solar photovoltaic panels. Installation is easier when the sun is directly overhead. Get in touch with Blue Raven Solar to get the best solar panel installation services!

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